Please find all information regarding your visit below.


Oststation am Kempelenpark, QuellenstraĂźe 2, 1100 Vienna
48.173026, 16.397688

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Opening Hours

Monday, August 30 until Sunday, September 5
from 12–6pm


Admission is free of charge.
3G-Rules apply and contact tracing is carried out. Read more in the section “Health and Safety” below.

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Preparing your visit

There will be a maximum of 100 visitors allowed inside the exhibition space at any given time – check our Instagram ( for timely updates on the current situation.

Visitors enter the venue at their own risk. We recommend practical footwear.

Closest public transport:
Metro: U1 (Reumannplatz), 20 minutes walk
Tram: 6, 11, D (Schrankenberggasse, GeiereckstraĂźe), 5 minutes walk
Bus: 14A, 66A, 77A, 7A (Schrankenberggasse, GeiereckstraĂźe), 5 minutes walk
City trains: S7 (GeiselbergstraĂźe), 10 minutes walk

Oststation is part of the larger building complex Am Kempelenpark (Quellenstraße 2). The yard can be entered directly from the West via Quellenstraße or from the North via Geiereckstraße, following the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks (not barrier free – see “Accessibility” below). We suggest checking the exact location on a map.

House rules

  • No smoking indoors.
  • No alcohol on the premises.
  • Wear a mask in indoor spaces and during performances.
  • Adhere to staff directions and signage.


The venue consists of two separate areas: A former wire rope factory (“Oststation”), and an adjacent allotment plot. To bridge the difference in level between the plots where they immediately connect, a temporary staircase was built. There is however also a ground-level connection, which leads into the allotment plot through the back.

If you arrive via GeiereckstraĂźe, please note that the pedestrian bridge is not barrier-free.

The entrance and exit, most of the allotment plot, the performance program, as well as the main hall of Oststation are at ground level, albeit not entirely free of thresholds. We are using the cellar and mezzanine of Oststation as additional exhibition spaces, each of which can only be accessed by stairs.

We regret that we could not make the entire venue completely barrier-free. Aside from what was mentioned, there may be additional parts of the exhibition space that can’t be accessed or are hard to access in a wheelchair. However, we want to accommodate everybody, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch ( or simply address our staff on site) if you have any concerns or questions regarding your visit – we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Health and Safety

Your health and safety are of great importance to us. Aside from the measures against Covid-19 listed below, we will be implementing a variety of safety precautions, such as a limit on the number of visitors inside certain spaces. We ask you to follow staff directions and signage in this regard.

We are making efforts to balance the flow of visitors. Bear in mind that there will be a maximum of 100 visitors allowed inside the premises at any given time.

Please understand that we can grant entry only to those who are vaccinated and/or tested negative for Covid-19. Bring your certificate and ID along with you.

Upon entry, we will ask you to disclose mandatory contact information for contact tracing. Your information will not be used for any other purpose, will be treated in strict confidence in accordance with European data protection laws and will be destroyed after the event. This is a required measure against the spread of Covid-19.

We further require cooperation with the following safety measures:

  • definitely stay at home in case of any symptoms of illness
  • keep a distance of 1m from others
  • adhere to all staff direction and signage
  • avoid handshakes and embraces
  • wash your hands with soap regularly and use hand disinfectant at each provided station
  • cover your nose and mouth with the crook of your arm or a handkerchief when sneezing or coughing
  • it is recommended to wear a mask in indoor spaces

These measures will be updated according to new or emerging Covid-19 regulations.

In case of proven infection with Covid-19 after your visit, please immediately contact local health service (+43 1450) and inform the team via so we can take further action. All visitors will be informed.

Further information

We would like to point out again that the consumption of alcohol is not allowed inside the venue. Water, soft drinks and coffee are available and free for everybody. We don’t provide any catering on site – you are welcome to bring your own snacks.

We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw entry to any person acting against our house rules or safety regulations without any further explanation. Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking forward to welcoming you! :~)