Open Call

Please note: The open call has ended.

Haus is pleased to announce the open call for its second edition which will be taking place in Vienna from August 30 – September 5, 2021.

The open call is directed towards artists, curators, researchers, commercial galleries, and institutions, as well as non-profit, artist-run, or self-organized spaces and initiatives.

Haus is conceived as a non-commercial and collaborative exhibition format that brings together a variety of artistic, curatorial, and discursive interventions under one roof. By creating an experimental platform where different exhibition strategies, structures, and formats meet, the project is envisioned as a tool for exploring new ideas for showcasing artworks and accompanying formats.

After a fruitful first edition in September 2020, we are now looking forward to realizing the second edition of the project as a catalyst to forge new alliances, friendships, and strategies of collaboration.

Location of Haus 2021
Location of Haus 2021


Applicants are invited to submit a project proposal for a contribution to Haus. Submitted proposals should fall within the scope of contemporary art and may include single artworks, exhibition concepts, discursive formats, film, performance, publication, and text, or other ephemeral or educational formats. Single artworks or solo presentations may be put into dialogue with other participating works or projects by the curatorial team of Haus.

A jury will evaluate the submissions, taking into consideration their quality and originality as well as the feasibility of the proposal. Potential limitations and travel restrictions related to current COVID-19 measures will also be taken into account. This year’s jury consists of Francesca Gavin (art critic), Jen Kratochvil (curator), Ute Müller (artist), Yaby (project space) and the founding board of Haus (Marie-Claire Gagnon, Fanny Hauser, Bruno Mokross, Julius Pristauz, Johanna Thorell, Edin Zenun).

All submitted proposals will be taken into careful consideration. Please note that there will unfortunately be a limit to the number of participants.


The second edition of Haus will take place in the 10th district of Vienna (Favoriten), in a former wire rope factory (Felten & Guilleaume, active in Vienna from 1893 onwards) and an adjacent allotment plot encompassing a handful of small-scale houses, located next to a highway.

Location of Haus 2021
Location of Haus 2021

Favoriten is the most populous district of Vienna. It comprises a residential area, composed of both older buildings and a large number of municipal housing complexes, as well as distinct industrial and recreational areas.

Bearing witness to the process of industrialization in Europe in the 18th and 19th century, the factory speaks to the transition from manufacturing processes to mechanized production that led to the development of the working class. While the very concept of allotment plots is rooted in social grievances as a result of increasing industrialization (such as new living and housing conditions in larger cities), these gardens were established to balance the monotonous factory work with the possibility for workers to cultivate their own vegetables and for recreation with their families.

The former factory building encompasses industrial premises with an outside area that will be directly connected to the neighboring allotment plot and its garden houses. Potential exhibition spaces include residential spaces, industrial settings, as well as generous outdoor areas and gardens. Applicants may indicate what kind of space they would prefer for their proposal.

The venue is situated at 5-10 minutes walking distance from public transport, with a hardware store and supermarkets in the vicinity.

Please note that the conditions of the respective spaces may vary. Haus provides basic cleaning and the main infrastructure. Architectural interventions in the assigned spaces may be carried out according to the needs of individual proposals.

Further Information

  • Haus does not want to perpetuate financial hurdles: both the application process and the participation in the project are free of charge. However, the project is operating on a small budget. Commercial galleries and funded projects or institutions are therefore encouraged to financially support Haus through a small donation, as indicated in the application form.

  • Our team will reach out to all selected participants to collaboratively figure out organizational details and the best possible way for realizing and mediating individual projects in the frame of Haus in its entirety.

  • Since we do not own any technical equipment and cannot cover any production or transportation costs, we are happy to assist both on site and beforehand, by sourcing material or technical equipment with you and helping out during the install.

  • Haus will gladly provide letters of support or similar documents for confirmed participants to assist their applications for external grants covering travel, accommodation, production, or other expenses.

Location of Haus 2021
Location of Haus 2021


To submit a proposal, please download and complete the application form below—including visual material—and send it as a single PDF (max. 15mb) to by May 6, 2021.

The selected applicants will be notified by the end of May.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals!

Download application form (DOCX)

Download application form (PDF)