About Haus

Haus is a collaborative, non-commercial exhibition format that brings together a variety of artistic, curatorial and discursive interventions in an intimate setting. By creating an experimental platform where different exhibition strategies, structures and formats meet, the project is envisioned as a tool for exploring new ideas for showcasing artworks and accompanying formats.

The ideas of Haus are rooted in the independent scene: non-profit and artist-run exhibition spaces, who demonstrate a flexible and intimate mode of collaborating within non-hierarchical structures. The aim is to provide a low-threshold mediation platform for contemporary artistic production and the surrounding discourse and community.

After a fruitful first edition in September 2020, counting roughly 50 participants from 15 countries as well as 1,000 visitors in total, we are now looking forward to realizing the second edition of the project as a catalyst to forge new alliances, friendships, and strategies of collaboration. Same as last year, participants are invited to apply with a proposal during an Open Call.

Haus was founded in 2020 by Marie-Claire Gagnon, Fanny Hauser, Bruno Mokross, Julius Pristauz, Johanna Thorell and Edin Zenun. The team is jointly managing the project and is supported by external advisors and helpers.

Haus Team: Fanny, Julius, Marie-Claire, Bruno, Edin, and Johanna in front of a brick wall
Haus Team – Fanny, Julius, Marie-Claire, Bruno, Edin, Johanna © Marie Haefner


Marie-Claire Gagnon
Fanny Hauser
Bruno Mokross
Julius Pristauz
Sophia Stemshorn
Johanna Thorell
Edin Zenun


Paul Ebhart
Chris Izsák
Alba Rastl
Barbara Runggaldier
Nari Sarmini
Matthias Seier
Paul Seipel
Matas Sergijus Šatūnas
Sophie Schagerl
Felix Schwentner
Sabīne Šnē
Inga Charlotte Thiele
Lera Weinrub


Francesca Gavin
Jen Kratochvil
Ute MĂĽller
Yaby (Beatriz Ortega Botas & Alberto Vallejo)


am Kempelenpark

Thank You

AIL – Angewandte Innovation Lab
Jean-Michel Gagnon
Elisabeth Großschädl
Marie Haefner
Nima Heschmat
Irmgard Hubauer
Therese Kaiser
Walter Klein
Sebastian Köck
Manuel Carreon Lopez
Mika Maruyama
Christopher Mayer
Flavio Palasciano
Georg Petermichl
Lucas Reisigl
Johann Schoiswohl
Moritz Stemshorn
Sitzkultur Wien
VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs
Wirtschaftsagentur Wien


Haus - Plattform zur Präsentation zeitgenössischer Kunst
GroĂźe Neugasse 44/2
1040 Wien, AT
ZVR: 1906466059

Haus 2020, Kerstin von Gabain, Photo by Marie Haefner
Haus 2020 – Kerstin von Gabain © Marie Haefner